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FLAMING YOUTH (PHIL COLLINS) - The European Broadcasts 1970

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FLAMING YOUTH (PHIL COLLINS) - The European Broadcasts 1970Flaming Youth’s only album, Ark 2 (1969), marks the first time Phil Collins appeared on record!
Format: CD / Cat No: FMGZ136CD / Released: 24/03/2023

Track Listing: 1. Guide Me Orion / 2. Earthglow / 3. Weightless / 4. The Planets / 5. Earthglow / 6. Weightless / 7. Changes / 8. Space Child / 9. From Now On / 10. Earthglow / 11. Guide Me Orion / 12. Weightless / 13. The Planets / 14. Changes / 15. The Planets / 16. In the Light of Love / 17. Pulsar / 18. The Planets / 19. Weightless

More information: Flaming Youth’s only album, 1969’s Ark 2, marked the first time that future Genesis drummer (and later frontman) Phil Collins appeared on record.

Now a collector’s item, the concept album, inspired by the 1969 Moon landing, didn’t quite send the group rocketing to fame, but it did start the countdown for Collins’ giant leap into Genesis in the summer of 1970. Before that, however, he was the one-man engine room for Flaming Youth, whose touring schedule took them to Europe on more than one occasion before the group disbanded, resulting in some of Collins’ earliest known recorded live performances.

Featuring Ark 2 highlights such as Earthglow, Weightless and Space Child, plus an epic performance of selections from Gustav Holst’s The Planets suite, these shows, recorded for broadcast by the flagship TV channels ORTF, in Paris, France; TROS in Hilversum, the Netherlands; and WDR in Köln, Germany, point the way to the sky-scraping music Collins would soon be recording with Genesis, filling an important gap in British prog-rock history.

Note: Recording quality can vary on FM broadcast releases.