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ENID - The Bridge Show, Live at Union Chapel (2 CD + DVD)

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ENID - The Bridge Show, Live at Union Chapel (2 CD + DVD)Format: DVD / Cat No: EWCD30 / Released: 28/09/2015

Track Listing: CD 1: Land of Hope and Glory "Eniland Can Take It" / One and the Many / "Welcome to Eniland" / Terra Firma / Earthborn / Witch Hunt / "Project Mars" / My Gravity-Malacandra / Dark Hydraulic "Common Enemy" / CD 2: Wings / "A Sickness of the Mind" / Something Wicked This Way Comes / Leviticus / Someone Shall Rise / Judgement / Shiva / Encore / DVD: Full Concert

More information: It’s been close to four decades since THE ENID released their pivotal debut album, ‘In the Region of the Summer Stars’. In 1976, at a time when the new wave of Punk was about to change the music industry forever, The Enid began a movement of their own. Winning over punks with politically incorrect covers of ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, The Enid’s early music was largely instrumental and more Classical and Romantic in nature than other rock music. The Enid later made history with their 1983 release ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, becoming the first ever band to become entirely self-funded through their fan club, ‘The Stand’. The band continue with this same pioneering crowd-funding system today, running an independent record label (Operation Seraphim) funded by their own private arts council, ‘The Enidi’. The band have recently returned with their thirteenth studio album THE BRIDGE following the success of the critically acclaimed 2012 comeback album INVICTA.

In this High Definition experience, 26 year old front man JOE PAYNE proves beyond reasonable doubt that he deserved his 2014 title of ‘Best Male Vocalist’ in Prog. The star singer shows off his impressive 5 octave range – a range only previously matched by Axel Rose and a young Mariah Carey. Joe Payne succeeds where other singers have failed in his attempt to seek the ultimate classical crossover voice. Payne has been taught Opera by globally recognised vocal coach Paul Farrington, known for his work with The Royal Opera House, The Royal Academy of Music and ground breaking studies into the science of singing. With Farrington’s help, Payne has designed a vocal style unique to him. The dynamic range takes his voice from a whisper to a shout, with the intimacy and soulfulness of a rock vocal and the support and certainty of an opera singer.

THE BRIDGE SHOW was conceived to showcase new music from THE BRIDGE Album and used music from The Enid’s extensive back catalogue to create a seamless story. In a press statement leading up to this tour, Joe Payne explained:

“It must tell a story. The show must run seamlessly – if a song doesn’t fit the overall concept, it simply will not make the cut. There will certainly be pieces from across our back catalogue, but art must trump nostalgia. These shows will be our most ambitious since the Salome Ballet in the 1980s.”

THE BRIDGE SHOW showcases THE ENID as they are now, distancing themselves from all preconceptions relating to their history as an instrumental entity. In fact, there is only one instrumental piece performed in the entire two act show – Judgement Day from debut album In the Region of the Summer Stars.

Set in the fictional world of ENILAND, the show opens with the fictional character QUEEN ENID addressing the audience with a speech entitled “ENILAND CAN TAKE IT”. The performance continues to use videos throughout the show to pose cynical questions about the strengths and dangers of nationalism, capitalism, entitlement, smoke-screen government projects, free-press, propaganda and self-sacrifice.