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ELOY - Visionary (Ltd digipak enhanced CD)

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ELOY - Visionary (Ltd digipak enhanced CD)The first new Eloy studio album in over 10 years!
Format: CD / Cat No: ASR044 / Released: 23/11/2009

Track Listing: 1. The Refuge / 2. The Secret / 3. Age of Insanity / 4. The Challenge (Time To Turn - part 2) / 5. Summernight Symphony / 6. Mystery (The Secret - part 2) / 7. Thoughts / 8. Band video

More information: Line up:

FRANK BORNEMANN – lead & backing vocals, all acoustic & electric guitars
BODO SCHOPF – drums & percussion

When ELOY released Ocean 2 ‘The Answer’ in 1998, the follow-up to 1977’s gold, cult album, Ocean, it was regarded as the band’s last album. After a number of successful release concerts, they officially split up. However, following the breakup after 30 years of band history, the interest in their music did not go away; a highly individual and emotional blend of powerful guitars, pulsating rhythms and atmospheric electronics. The complex arrangements, sometimes combined with a large orchestra and staged with enormous choral passages à la Carmina Burana were already quite symphonic in character; and they have ever since inspired not only Prog-rock fans. The lyrics, in which the zeitgeist is reflected through epic concepts, but also expressed by philosophy and poetry with an often esoteric accent, have garnered a lot of interest, particularly internationally, and this has led to the increased identification of the fans with the band. Instead of being forgotten, the band has achieved with their absence an almost cult status.

Triggered by the media and communicative possibilities of the internet, and sparked by a very aggressive, active worldwide fan base that has given ELOY a growing presence in many portals in the digital network, the band and their music has been rediscovered and found new and enthusiastic fans now wanting more albums. Continued demand and continuing interest in ELOY have finally led to the entire back catalogue being remastered, presented with elaborate artwork and put back on the market. The response, even to these albums, already 30 years old, is remarkable.

This renewed interest in ELOY’s music has obviously not passed the band by, having been bombarded with fan mail from all over the world. To this Frank Bornemann said: "We have received e-mails and letters from enthusiastic fans from all around the world who write to us movingly about how deeply they are affected by our music, how much they identify with it, and how important they considered the band, but also how much they wanted another album or even some concerts. I never expected or even thought that we would ever belong to those bands or artists who receive attention over many decades, and, in this fast paced world, I regard that as a kind of utopia. I admit that all this has impressed me very much, and ultimately moved me to first gather the musicians in the band after 11 long years and ask them whether, in the light of our great fans longstanding loyalty, so tirelessly spreading our music and name, we do not still owe them something. There was a unanimous vote for my proposal to make a new album. We all feel a great deal of gratitude for this recognition and appreciation over such a long time, and we want to express this with a new album, which we explicitly dedicate to our fans. I hope and wish very much that VISIONARY will not disappoint any ELOY fans.”