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ELOY - The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part 2)

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ELOY - The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre (Part 2)Brand new studio CD by Eloy - the second and final part of an epic project by this epic band!
Format: CD / Cat No: ASR331902 / Released: 11/10/2019

Track Listing: 1. An Instant of Relief... Still The War Rages On (6:28) / 2. Between Hope, Doubts, Fear And Uncertainty (2:14) / 3. Patay (5:25) / 4. Joy (3:45) / 5. Reims... The Coronation of Charles VII (2:32) / 6. Résumé (2:47) / 7. Armistice or War? (4:29) / 8. Paris (3:50) / 9. Abandoned (4:43) / 10. Compiègne (5:12) / 11. Tormenting Imprisonment (2:33) / 12. Rouen (4:58) / Eternity (4:42)

More information: Frank Bornemann, the grand seigneur of German art and progressive rock and mastermind behind ELOY, has completed his opus magnum on the story of Joan of Arc just two years after the appearance of the first part.

Impressive, and at the same time touching, this work leads us through the fascinating story of this legendary figure of the Middle Ages. In relation to its complex thematic form and historical accuracy, the author has received support from the Centre Jeanne d'Arc in Orléans whose circle of friends he has belonged to since the 1990s. In contrast to all other known works in film, theatre and music, in which the story has always been presented in a dramatically edited form, "The Vision, the Sword & the Pyre" provides an authentic and complete portrayal of the events which are entirely true and historically proven.

Line-up: Fank Bornemann - vocals, guitar / Hannes Folberth - keyboards / Michael Gerlach - keyboards / Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass / Stephan Emig - drums, percussion