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DíVIRGILIO MORSE JENNINGS - Troika (Limited CD with bonus track)

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D’VIRGILIO MORSE JENNINGS - Troika (Limited CD with bonus track)Debut from new band featurng Nick DíVirgilio, Neal Morse, and Ross Jennings!
Format: CD / Cat No: 19439936112 / Released: 25/02/2022

Track Listing: 1. Everything I Am (5:43) / 2. Julia (6:07) / 3. You Set My Soul On Fire (3:22) / 4. One Time Less (4:53) / 5. Another Trip Around The Sun (4:39) / 6. A Change Is Gonna Come (4:24) / 7. If I Could (4:02) / 8. King For A Day (5:47) / 9. Second Hand Sons (4:43) / 10. My Guardian (3:43) / 11. What You Leave Behind (4:16) / Bonus track: 12. Julia (Alternative Version) (8:19)

More information: Debut album from new band formed by Nick DíVirgilio (Big Big Train, ex-Spockís Beard), Neal Morse (Transatlantic, NMB, ex-Spockís Beard), and Ross Jennings (Haken, Novena).

Recorded during lockdown, the process began with Neal Morse writing some acoustic songs that he thought would be enhanced by strong vocal harmonies. He already knew how well his voice blended with former Spock's Beard bandmate and Big Big Train drummer/vocalist, Nick D'Virgilio who came on board and, considering a third man, the Americans sought out Haken's Ross Jennings from the UK to complete the trio. All three found they had songs that would benefit from the three-part harmonic blend, and so they pooled their resources, inputting creatively into each others compositions.

Limited CD with bonus track.