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DRAPER PAUL - Spooky Action

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DRAPER PAUL - Spooky ActionMansun frontman releases highly anticipated debut solo album
Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE774/KSCOPE340 / Released: 11/08/2017

Track Listing: 1. Don't Poke The Bear / 2. Grey House / 3. Things People Want / 4. Who's Wearing The Trousers / 5. Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion / 6. Friends Make The Worst Enemies / 7. Feeling My Heart Run Slow / 8. You Don't Really Know Someone, Til You Fall Out With Them / 9. Can't Get Fairer Than That / 10. Feel Like I Wanna Stay / 11. The Inner Wheel

More information: Paul Draper was the frontman of Mansun one of the most iconic bands of the late 90s. Over the course of three albums (a fourth issued posthumously), they achieved something unique after fostering a fervent cult following, they managed to maintain critical and commercial success with a series of intensely radio friendly yet increasingly experimental records. Off the back of their biggest radio record, Mansun imploded in 2003 and Paul all but disappeared from view.

2016 saw Draper's triumphant return with two new EPs to set the Mansun fandom aflame.

Spooky Action is the result of a decade of thinking, tinkering, writing, recording and focusing, and is presented in digipak packaging complete with a 16-page booklet.