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DISCIPLINE - To Shatter All Accord (digipak)

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DISCIPLINE - To Shatter All Accord (digipak)Format: CD / Released: 01/01/2012

Track Listing: 1. Circuitry (6:16) / 2. When the Walls are Down (7:29) / 3. Dead City (5:15) / 4. When She Dreams She Dreams in Color (13:40) / 5. Rogue (24:04)

More information: Progressive rock band Discipline were formed by high-school students Matthew Parmenter (vocals, keyboards), Jon Preston Bouda (guitar), Matthew Kennedy (bass), and Paul Dzendzel (drums) in Royal Oak, Michigan. From their early days, Parmenter augmented the group's live shows by changing into elaborate costumes for each song, much like Peter Gabriel in early-'70s Genesis. With lyrics that focus on relationship issues and the addition of Parmenter's alto sax into the band's music, Discipline were also compared to Van der Graaf Generator and Marillion. Thanks to their great live shows and a series of cassette-only releases, Discipline built up a good reputation in Detroit, Michigan, and in 1993 released their first album, Push & Profit. In support of the album, the group toured the United States in support of such artists as Steve Howe and Anekdoten.

To Shatter All Accord introduces all new recordings, including the 24-minute Rogue, a psychedelic song-suite staged as theatrical drama. To Shatter All Accord features the Discipline lineup that recorded the unparalleled Unfolded Like Staircase (Matthew Parmenter, Jon Preston Bouda, Mathew Kennedy, Paul Dzendzel). As on that classic release, the Discipline of To Shatter All Accord makes no apologies. The band has once again reinvented itself with a unique sound and vision.