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CRANE LOUISE PATRICIA - Netherworld (Digipak)

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CRANE LOUISE PATRICIA - Netherworld (Digipak)Psychedelic prog-pop with an amazing supporting band including Ian Anderson, Tony Levin, Nick Beggs.
Format: CD / Cat No: PECUL002CD / Released: 04/07/2024

Track Listing: 1. Dance With The Devil / 2. Tiny Bard / 3. Celestial Dust / 4. Little Ghost In The Room / 5. Toil And Trouble / 6. The Red Room / 7. Lady Peregrine's Concubine / 8. Spirit Of The Forest / 9. Be^te Noire / 10. Long Kiss Goodnight / 11. Thieves Fools And Crows / 12. Midnight View / 13. ???? (Japanese Doll)

More information: Netherworld marks a considerable step onwards from the territory that Louise Patricia Crane explored on her debut long player Deep Blue, crafting audial landscapes that go further into both inner and outer space; hallucinatory and surrealistic yet also grittier and more direct. For all that this stemmed in part from early Genesis and The Beatles, Netherworld also sits in alignment with the luxurious but oddly intimate realm of modern classics, by the likes of Tears For Fears, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell, with passionate intensity set in a bold, cinematic vista.

In realising these romantic and expansive visions, Crane not only wrote or co-wrote the entire album, but arranged, co-produced and played a wide variety of instruments on it. Yet as a supporting cast, she has surrounded herself with a formidable selection of mercurial contributors. Once again, Jakko M. Jakszyk (King Crimson) brings his fiery and mellifluous solo guitar work, as well as contributing backing vocals, keyboards and co-production. Elsewhere, the flute soliloquies of Tiny Bard are the work of Jethro Tullís Ian Anderson while saxophone duties are handled by Mel Collins, whose work with King Crimson marks only one chapter in an incredibly storied life in music. Providing violin and viola across the stylistic expanse of the album, Shir-Ran Yinon (New Model Army / Eluveitie) returns as a collaborator.

The rhythm section for the lion's share of the record consists of the dream team of Tony Levin (King Crimson / Peter Gabriel) and Gary Husband (John McLaughlin / Billy Cobham / Allan Holdsworth) with Nick Beggs stepping in on bass for Dance With The Devil and upright bass on Long Kiss Goodnight. Crucially however, even amidst this kind of company, Louiseís voice and vision is never remotely overshadowed, with the talents on offer only serving to make the backdrop to her songs still more vivid, sharp and intense.

In as much as Netherworld is a work that exists on a lineage of progressive music and the visionary artists whoíve expanded their boundaries of exploration to form sound-worlds as big as their imagination, itís also a work of magical realism in the tradition of Panís Labyrinth, The Company Of Wolves or the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Haruki Murakamióin which the supernatural and otherworldly, lead to a shortcut to the essence of being human. In this World, Louise Patricia Crane is our Storyteller.

CD in 6-panel digipak.