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COSMOGRAF - Live At The 1865 (The Official Bootleg)

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COSMOGRAF - Live At The 1865 (The Official Bootleg)Cosmograf live at The 1865 in Southampton, UK in May 2023.
Format: CD / Cat No: GD240201 / Released: 12/04/2024

Track Listing: 1. British Made / 2. The Man Left In Space / 3. Bakelite Switch / 4. White Car / 5. Regretful Refrain / 6. Four Wall Euphoria / 7. Arcade Machine / 8. The Motorway / 9. The Ghost Gets Made

More information: A small and enthusiastic audience of Cosmograf fans assembled one Sunday night in May 2023 at The 1865, Southampton, UK to witness Robin and his live band play a 2 hour show covering songs from the breadth of his music over the last 9 or so albums. There was no original intention for the gig to be recorded, but a decent soundboard stereo mix was made available after the show, that had captured something very interesting. Much of the set played that night, provided too much temptation not to share some of that experience with a much wider audience.

What it lacks in polished presentation, it more than makes up for in the performance and vibe of a live band in its raw, grass roots environment. Robin reviewed, edited, and mixed the audio within the limitations of the recording and gave it his blessing. For these reasons it’s an 'Official Bootleg', and stands as an interesting waypoint in the history of Cosmograf.

“I had no intention at all of making any sort of live album for our recent shows, but listening back to the soundboard mix for this one, I was kind of surprised how good it sounded.” explains Robin Armstrong. ”Normally I’d be obsessed in fixing the mistakes and mixing it properly but there was just no way to do that with just a basic stereo track, so I thought it would be fun to release it in all its old school rawness.”