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CHRISTINA - Bar Stool Prophet

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CHRISTINA - Bar Stool Prophet3rd solo album from Christina, singer with the UK Prog band Magenta, plus many guests.
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD1023 / Released: 06/10/2023

Track Listing: 1. Age Of The Revolution / 2. Mission Bell / 3. I Wish / 4. Bar Stool Prophet / 5. Riptide / 6. The Price We Pay / 7. The Giant Awakes / 8. Breakthrough / 9. Sail On Sister Genevičve / 10. Rise Again

More information: Christina, singer with the band Magenta, releases her 3rd solo album ‘Bar Stool Prophet'.

The album features guest appearances by Steve Hackett, Steve Balsamo, Peter Jones and fellow Magenta players Chris Fry, Dan Nelson and Jiffy Griffiths. The songs were written by Christina along with Rob Reed (Magenta, Sanctuary and Cyan), who also produced and mixed the album.

The new album follows on from her two previous releases ‘Broken Lives and Bleeding Hearts’ and ‘The Light’.

The CD is in digifile format packaginf with a 12-page booklet.


“Some of the demos go back to 2018, so if the pandemic hadn’t hit, then I think the album would have been out in 2021. It was hard to gain momentum after 2 years of lockdown but I got reacquainted with the songs and I’m really pleased with the outcome. The decision to name the album ‘Bar Stool Prophet’ was a nod to a few friends that had tragically lost their lives from depression and alcohol."

"So many talented musicians and singers have helped bring my songs to life. I was so excited when Steve Hackett contributed to ‘Rise Again’ with an emotionally charged harmonica solo. It gives me shivers every time I hear it. Steve Balsamo sprinkled his magic on backing vocals along with my friend Kirstie Roberts. Chimpan A’s Tony Dallas is also on board with his distinguished ‘spoken word’ contribution. Peter Jones never fails to deliver and Ryan Aston (from our Trippa days) added some great drums alongside the amazingly versatile guitar style of Hywell Maggs."

"The main theme of the album is one of second chances / the gift of opportunity for change and how it’s never too late to alter the course of your life."