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CAAMORA - Journey's End - an acoustic anthology (2 CD)

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CAAMORA - Journey's End - an acoustic anthology (2 CD)Double CD with 130 minutes of acoustic live music, previously unreleased demos and bonus tracks!
Format: CD / Cat No: MASSCDDGD1237 / Released: 17/11/2008

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Journeys End (Bonus Track) 2. So the Music Stops (Live in Poland) 3. Sacrifice (Live in Poland) 4. Covenant of Faith (Live in Poland) 5. Embrace (Live in England) 6. Shadows of Fate (Live in England) 7. The Bonding (Live in England) 8. Mea Culpa (Live in Chile) 9. Horizons in your Eyes (Live in Chile) 10. Judgement (Live in Chile) 11. Eleventh Hour (Live in Chile) 12. Murder (Live in Bolivia) 13. Resting Place (Live in Bolivia) 14. Invisible (Live in Germany) 15. Closer (Live in Germany) / CD 2: 1. Shadows (Live in Belgium) 2. State of Grace (Live in Belgium) 3. Glimmer of Light (Live in Belgium) 4. The Veil (Live in Argentina) 5. (I Can See Your) House from Here (Live in Argentina) 6. Salamander (Live in Argentina) 7. Confrontation (Live in Argentina) 8. The Storm (Demo) 9. Vigil (Demo) 10. The Hermit (Demo) 11. In Aeternum (Bonus Track) 12. Grunwald (Bonus Track) 13. Father (Bonus Track) 14. Midnight Radio Interview (with Darren Redick)

More information: Includes guest appearances by Mark Westwood (Neo) and Christina Booth (Magenta).

This double album features over 130 minutes of acoustic live performances from around the world, as well as a selection of never before heard demos, bonus tracks and interview footage. In the build up to the release of ‘She - the rock opera’, songwriter/keyboard player/singer Clive Nolan alongside singer Agnieszka Swita performed around 30 concerts in countries such as England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Canada. ‘Journey’s End’ features a
collection of moments from these performances. These live tracks also feature some great guest appearances: familiar ‘She’ including MarkWestwood (guitar) and Christina Booth (voice), as well as new friends like Claudio Momberg from ‘SETI’ (keyboards) in Chile and Sebastian Medina from ‘William Gray’ (guitar) in Argentina.

This double album is a great testament to all the musical journeys and experiences that Nolan and Swita enjoyed as they spread the word about ‘She’. Beyond the live material, there is also a collection of demos that were made over the past few years - interesting to see how the songs developed for their final versions on ‘She’. The bonus songs include a track that was never used in the end, and the specially written ‘Journey’s End’, featuring cello from Hugh McDowell (ex ELO). Finally there is a short interview with Nolan and Swita, giving us a little more insight into the world of Caamora. For people who have enjoyed these acoustic shows over the past few years, or for fans of ‘She’, this is a perfect companion… a musical journey.