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C-SIDES - 10 Days

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C-SIDES - 10 DaysThird album from Welsh progressive rock band - a concept combining male and female vocals
Format: CD / Released: 31/10/2018

Track Listing: 1. Day 1 / 2. Day 2 / 3. Day 3 / 4. Day 4 / 5. Day 5 / 6. Day 6 / 7. Day 7 / 8. Day 8 / 9. Day 9 / 10. Day 10 / 11. On Reflection

More information: 10 Days is the new album by Welsh progressive rock band C-Sides. It's their third album, a great combination of male and female vocals, and is is a concept based on the 10 days Nellie Bly, an American reporter in the late 1800s, spent in the asylum for the insane on Blackwell Island.

The C Sides Project is made up of a group of musicians that got together to make the sort of music that they would like to hear. The band makes progressive rock nods to the classic progressive bands of the 1970’s – Rush, Yes, Genesis, while at the same time giving the music a modern and surprising twist. Each of the band members brings something new and exciting to the mix. The combined lead vocals of Allen McCarthy and Sian Elson add depth, range and emotion to the songs. Martin Rosser’s guitar is fluid, accurate and creative, capturing the mood of the lyrics by providing the right melodic and rhythmic textures. Kevin Dawson’s keyboards provide cleverly-constructed colour and texture within the songs. The drums help to define and drive the sound, adding definition to the arrangements and punctuating the compound time signatures. Combined with the drums, the bass guitar by Allen McCarthy completes the rhythm section, providing clever contrapuntal melody lines.