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BARNES CHARLIE - More Stately Mansions (Ltd Digipak)

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BARNES CHARLIE - More Stately Mansions (Ltd Digipak)Muse-esque melodies meet meticulously composed song structures
Format: CD / Cat No: 507118 / Released: 11/05/2015

Track Listing: 1. More Stately Mansions (03:35) / 2. Sing To God (03:56) / 3. Easy, Kid (05:09) / 4. Balloons (04:41) / 5. Ghosts (05:30) / 6. Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth (03:51) / 7. House (06:19) / 8. Dresden (04:51) / 9. Hammers (05:01) / 10. Film (04:40) / 11. 18th (04:46)

More information: Muse-esque melodies meet meticulously composed song structures, showcasing Charlie’s maximalist ethos to song-writing.

Mostly recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, with vocals put down in an isolated cottage in the middle of Wales, More Stately Mansions deals with unashamedly bold brush strokes. Songs like ‘Sing To God’s’ gossamer strings strike delicately amidst rumbling percussion and several moments of histrionic guitar malevolence that recall teenage influences; the title track’s layered vocals hark back to Queen in their mid-70’s pomp, while ‘Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth’ rises and falls on a series of scything post-hardcore riff acrobatics.

All of this is cut through with a climactic vocal that bores out vestiges of Jeff Buckley, or even Freddie Mercury, delivered with an overwhelming sincerity that goads its audience out of apathy and into a reaction, an expressive way of performing that Barnes has embraced since childhood. “I remember being seven years old and hearing the first few bars of 'It's a Hard Life' by Queen and being completely blown away by how Freddie Mercury's voice holding those huge, intense notes made me feel".