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BANKS PETER EMPIRE - The Mars Tapes (2 CD)

(Code: 17544)
BANKS PETER EMPIRE - The Mars Tapes (2 CD)Band project for ex-Yes guitarist. Bonus track feature Phil Collins!
Format: CD / Cat No: HST245CD / Released: 08/11/2014

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Out of Our Hands / 2. Medley: (a) Foundation (b) Destiny (c) Far Away / 3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar and Grill / 4. Do What You Want / 5. Dancing Man / 6. Where Yes Means No / CD 2: 1. Off With The King's Head / 2. Something's Coming (West Side Story) / 3. The Fall of The Empire / 4. When The Banks Overflow / 5. Ascending To The Planet Mars / 6. Bonus Track - Sky at Night (featuring Phil Collins)

More information: PETER BANKS EMPIRE was a band project, set up by former Yes guitarist Peter Banks. THE MARS TAPES is a perfect example of the ground breaking material he produced during his career in progressive music. This album includes a bonus track featuring Phil Collins.