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ARGOS - Halfway Between Heaven And Mirth

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ARGOS - Halfway Between Heaven And Mirth7th studio album from excellent German band heavily influenced by vintage symphonic prog rock.
Format: CD / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 22/07/2024

Track Listing: 1. Marshmallow Moon (3:42) / 2. The Fire of Life (5:13) / 3. Fidgety Philip (4:20) / 4. Fontanelli's Dream (3:34) / 5. Make Me Smile (4:28) / 6. The Other Life (1:51) / 7. Daedalus Machines (20:17): i. Contemplation - ii. Rupture - iii. Pandemonium - iv. Serenity - v. Labyrinth - vi. Predicament - vii. Temperance - viii. Fortitude / 8. Marshmallow Moon (alt. version) (3:46)

More information: Argosí latest album marks a new chapter in the bandís illustrious career. The album is a sonic journey that balances profound introspection with moments of levity, exploring the dualities of existence. With lush melodies, intricate instrumental passages, and evocative lyrics, "Halfway Between Heaven and Mirth" captures the essence of Argosí musical evolution.

It features astonishing guest appearances by Andy Tillison (keyboards), Marek Arnold (saxophone), who also co-produced and mixed the album, and Alexei Tolpygo (violin) who had played bass on their last tour. Remarkably, the new album includes an ambitious, multi-part long-track, 'Daedalus Machines', that will delight both old and new fans of the band.