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ANDERSON IAN - Elbow To Elbow (2 CD)

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ANDERSON IAN - Elbow To Elbow (2 CD)Excellent acoustic show from 2002 originally recorded for radio braodcast.
Format: CD / Cat No: ZC2CD108 / Released: 04/12/2020

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (8:50) / 2. Life’s A Long Song (3:48) / 3. Skating Away (6:59) / 4. Thick As A Brick (3:58) / 5. Up The Pool (3:10) / 6. Cheap Day Return (2:19) / 7. Mother Goose (11:36) / 8. Fat Man (13:16) / 9. Griminelli’s Lament (11:38)

CD 2: 1. Montserrat (12:50) / 2. Bouree/Intermission (6:05) / 3. A Christmas Song (3:48) / 4. Boris Dancing (4:18) / 5. Driving Song (with Donny Brown) (6:20) / 6. Circular Breathing (4:46) / 7. Dot Com (7:57) / 8. Living In The Past (8:09) / 9. Locomotive Breath (10:36)

More information: By 1980, when Jethro Tull were taking a break after John Glascock's death, Ian Anderson was already planning a solo career. He wrote the album A as a solo record, but Martin Barre and Dave Pegg's participation led the record to be released under the Jethro Tull name, causing the old band to split. His first official solo album was Walk Into Light, in 1983, on which Peter-John Vettese played an important role in the electronic direction of the music.

In the 1990s he began working with simple bamboo flutes. He uses techniques such as over-blowing and hole-shading to produce note-slurring and other expressive techniques on this otherwise simple instrument. Anderson said that around this time his daughter began taking flute lessons and noticed his fingering was incorrect, prompting him to relearn the flute with the right fingering. In 1995, Anderson released his second solo album, Divinities: Twelve Dances with God, an instrumental work composed of twelve flute-heavy pieces pursuing varied themes with an underlying motif. The album was recorded with Jethro Tull keyboard player Andrew Giddings and orchestral musicians. Anderson released two further song-based solo albums, The Secret Language of Birds in 2000 and Rupi's Dance in 2003.

Between the two albums, in 2002, Ian went out on his Rubbing Elbows tour, featuring ‘An Evening Of Music And Conversation’. The shows contained acoustic renditions of Jethro Tull classics plus plenty of banter with the presenters and the audience, as well as a string of stories from the road.

Perhaps the very finest of these delightful evenings took place on October 10th 2002, when Anderson and entourage performed at The Kalamazoo Theater, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Recorded and broadcast by WLAV-FM Grand Rapids, the show was heard across the mid-west but only now is this superb recording released.