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AMPLIFIER - Trippin' With Dr Faustus

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AMPLIFIER - Trippin' With Dr FaustusThe sixth album from Amplifier and follow-up up to 2014s Mystoria
Format: CD / Cat No: ROK14 / Released: 30/06/2017

Track Listing: 1. Rainbow Machine / 2. Freakzone / 3. Kosmos (Grooves Of Triumph) / 4. The Commotion (Big Time Party Maker) / 5. Big Daddy / 6. Horse / 7. Anubis / 8. Supernova / 9. Silvio / 10. Old Blue Eyes

More information: Amplifier's sixth album and follow-up up to 2014s Mystoria features 10 tracks.

The band say: "We spent a long time making this record, principally because it was recorded on a tape machine that we basically had to rebuild from scraps from the dumpster around the back of the mill and whatever bits of debris we could fish out of the Ashton Canal."

"We think you can hear the difference very clearly between what it sounds like to record on tape and what it sounds like to record on the computer which all our other records were."

The song Silvio was recorded on computer so you can compare what that sounds like to the rest of the album.