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AISLES - Hawaii (2 CD)

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AISLES - Hawaii (2 CD)Brand new 2 CD concept album from Chilean prog rockers
Format: CD / Released: 29/07/2016

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. The Poet Part I - Dusk / 2. The Poet Part II - New World / 3. Year Zero / 4. Upside Down / 5. CH-7 / CD 2: 1. Terra / 2. Pale Blue Dot / 3. Still Alive / 4. Nostalgia / 5. Club Hawaii / 6. Falling / 7. I n the Probe

More information: “Hawaii” is a two-disc concept album about human colonies established in space after the destruction of the Earth. Its twelve tracks explore the dilemmas and challenges that the individual and the human spirit would face in this futuristic scenario.

Regarding the theme and sound of the album, guitarist and producer Germán Vergara states: "Without a doubt it’s our most profound work so far. With ‘Hawaii’ we dug deep in search of a concept that could really move us. Our objective was to write music that would emotionally and mentally take us to the place where the events in the album occur: Space”.

“All the music on the album was written with our hearts and minds set on the idea of these human colonies, a small group of people who are able to preserve some of the heritage of mankind after the Earth is destroyed. Musically speaking we had never taken so many risks, tried so many different approaches and allowed ourselves this level of freedom to improvise and experiment. I am really proud of what we’ve achieved this time", Vergara adds.