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AGENT COOPER - Beginner's Mind

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AGENT COOPER - Beginner's MindFormat: CD / Cat No: PRR020 / Released: 01/01/2000

Track Listing: East Indian Sun / Shallow Disease / the Bottle / Taipei / Timing Crucial / I Never Remember / The Heat / She Screams / Struggle Like I Do / You Know

More information: So what we have here is a CD running just a tick over 46-minutes with ten tracks, most in the three or four minute range with the longest being six and half minutes. That being said, itís quite amazing how much happens within these short songs. Agent Cooper are very adept at turning things on a dime within these confines. You donít even really notice how short the songs are because there is so much going on. And itís not that there is an over-the-top kind of complexity, no, itís more that these songs seem to tumble, one segment into the next. Lots of nice, smooth shifts in time and tempo, but the one thing that holds this collection of songs together are the driving melodies. They are everywhere, in the slow songs, the mid-tempo ones and even in the up-tempo tracks. This is an amazingly balanced CDÖ (Progressive Land)