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ABRAHAM LEE - Only Human (+ EXCLUSIVE LTD SIGNED POSTCARD!)Stunning new 9th solo release, including a 30 minute Prog epic opener 'Counting Down'!
Format: CD / Cat No: 202109 / Released: 04/09/2021

Track Listing: 1. Counting Down (29:44) / 2. Only Human (5:58) / 3. Days Gone By (5:23) / 4. Falling Apart (6:23) / 5. The Hands Of Time (8:10)

More information: UK prog rock musician and guitarist Lee Abraham continues his annual run of album releases with his stunning new 9th solo album called 'Only Human', released exactly 1 year after the extremely well received 'Harmony/Synchronicity' in September 2020. The album will again be released on F2 Music and features Peter Jones, Marc Atkinson, Gerald Mulligan, Mark Spencer and Rob Arnold.

Inspired by world events of the past 2 years, Abraham, who also plays guitar for veteran UK prog band Galahad, has written a thought provoking collection of songs that examine how we process life and our own fit within it.

"Many of us have experienced feelings of isolation and inadequacy over the past 18 months, like never before" Lee explains. "Some people have used this to re-examine where their life is going, what’s important to them and perhaps come up with their own theories on life in general and why we’re all here!"

The album, once again, features Gerald Mulligan (Credo) on drums, Marc Atkinson on lead vocals and also, following his excellent performance on Harmony/Synchronicity, Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazar, Camel). Backing vocals and piano are provided by Mark Spencer and Rob Arnold respectively.

The album centrepiece is the epic opening song 'Counting Down'. Clocking in at around 30 minutes, the song progresses through different musical styles and arrangements, commenting on the human pretencity to wish life away, just counting down the years.

"I am extremely proud of 'Counting Down', it’s the most complete 'progressive rock epic', if I can use that term, that I have written. I love melody and I have written some of my most memorable melodies in this song and using Peter Jones for the lead vocals, he understood completely the feel I was going for. I hope people enjoy the end result, it was quite a journey!"

'Only Human' is released by F2 Music on the Festival Music label, was recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Lee Abraham at Dockside Studio, Hampshire, UK. Drums recorded and engineered by Gerald Mulligan at Tollgate Cottage, Hampshire, UK. Artwork by Robin Armstrong.