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ABRAHAM LEE - Comatose

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ABRAHAM LEE - ComatoseConcept album featuring one song of 47 minutes - highly recommended!
Format: CD / Cat No: 201909 / Released: 27/09/2019

Track Listing: 1. Comatose (46:58) - i. Numb Pt 1 (11:18) / ii. Realisation (3:55) / iii. Twisted Metal (3:29) / iv. Ascend The Sky (5:15) / v. The Sun (4:48) / vi. Numb Pt 2 (4:28) / vii. No Going Back (6:19) / viii. Awaken? (7:24)

More information: Inspired by his return to Galahad in 2017 and his subsequent contributions to the band’s single-song concept album “Seas of Change”, Lee has written and produced his own single-song concept album. Clocking in at around 47 minutes Comatose tells the story of a car crash victim who experiences flash backs while medical staff try to save his life. A deep and complex work that takes in a number of musical styles but all the while retaining the overall progressive rock sound.

Lee is joined once again by long-time musical partner Gerald Mulligan (Credo) on drums, Rob Arnold on piano, lead vocal excellence from Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Moon Halo) and backing vocals from Diane Abraham and Galahad colleague Mark Spencer. Artwork is once again co-ordinated by Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf / Big Big Train). Lee handles all guitars, all keyboards and for the first time since 2009’s “Black and White”, Lee has also recorded all the bass guitar too.

In the past, having previously explored long songs (2016’s “The Seasons Turn”), shorter, more commercial AOR inspired songs (2017’s “Colours”) and concept albums (2004’s “View from the Bridge”), this new single-song album is new territory for Lee. “I wanted to try something different again for the next album rather than just repeat previous work. I hope I have done that successfully and listeners enjoy the ride…… all 47 minutes of it!”