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41POINT9 - Still Looking For Answers

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41POINT9 - Still Looking For AnswersRemixed and remastered version of the much acclaimed debut album with Nick D'Virgilio on drums!
Format: CD / Cat No: THCR00001CD / Released: 19/10/2018

Track Listing: 1. The Bullet's In The Barrel / 2. Living In Hard Times / 3. Building Blocks / 4. The Feather / 5. One In A Bar / 6. Surface Tension / 7. Promise The Moon / 8. Still Looking For The Answers / 9. The Torch

More information: 41POINT9 falls somewhere on the pop side of the prog world and features performances by Nick DíVirgilio of Spockís Beard, Dave Weckl of Chick Corea fame, Brian Cline, original singer/bassist with Enchant and Bob Madsen, recording bassist/engineer/producer for Enchant and Xen and new boy Kenny Steel. With a tip of the hat to bands like Marillion, Enchant, Spocks Beard, and Porcupine Tree, the songs exhibit high levels of musicianship, but more importantly, tell stories and take the listener on a journey. Thereís lots of harmonies, interesting rhythms, poignant and insightful lyrics.

Line-up: Bob Madsen: Bass / Brian Cline: Vocals, Guitar / Kenny Steel: Guitar, Keyboards / Nick D'Virgilio: Drums / Jimmy Keegan: Drums

"This is a strong album by a very new band. Kudos to Bob Madsen, Brian Cline and Kenny Steel, they have produced a work of merit that necessitates repeated listens. If you enjoy groups like Nick-lead Spocks Beard, Simon Apple, John Payneís Asia, Jadis, or Mr. Mister, this will be a good purchase for you. I will reach for it whenever Iím hungry for strong melodies, easy going prog with good guitar work, and an interesting, talented lead vocalist" (prognaut)