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25 YARD SCREAMER - The Memory Cheats (The Pictures Within 2023)

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25 YARD SCREAMER - The Memory Cheats (The Pictures Within 2023)A 2023 revisit and re-record of their debut album from 2003.
Format: CD / Cat No: WKCD1123 / Released: 31/01/2024

Track Listing: 1. Leap Of Faith / 2. Throw The Blame / 3. Travellers Song / 4. Did You Ever / 5. King Of Nowhere / 6. Deep Water / 7. I’m An Explosive / 8. A Nice Thought / 9. Catapult / 10. No Beautiful View / 11. The Pictures Within / 12. The Pictures Within (Havoc Mix)

More information: Hailing from Wales, 25 Yard Screamer formed in 2002 after Donal Owen and Matt Clarke augmented Nick James at a showcase gig in Bracknell, for his then solo project. They released their first album ‘The Pictures Within’ in 2003, and their second ‘Approaching From An Oblique Angle’ followed in 2004 both hinting at the progressive influences that were soon to come to the fore.

It was with ‘Cassandra’ in 2007 that they garnered much critical acclaim in the progressive rock and rock circles, drawing comparisons with Marillion, Rush, Porcupine Tree and Metallica.

The following album 2011’s ‘Until All Are One’ showed a darker side to the band while still keeping their progressive leanings. During the recording of their concept album, 2013’s ‘Something That Serves To Warn Or Remind’, Tom Bennett was invited to join the band on a permanent basis after contributing keyboards and orchestrations to its sessions.

2016 saw the release of the bands 6th studio album. ‘Keep Sending Signals’ featuring four brand new pieces of music and four reworking’s of very early material. Tom departed the band after touring the album. The band then returning to its original trio line up.

2019’s ‘Natural Satellite’ was more experimental. The track ‘The Storyteller’ featured Rob Reed of Magenta guesting on keyboards.

Donal departed after the album’s release to pursue other projects. In 2022 the remaining duo of Matt and Nick released 'Nemesis' to acclaim, covering topics such as modern miscommunication and redemption.

To mark its Anniversary they both decided to revisit and re-record their debut album, retitled 'The Memory Cheats' it offers an interesting, modern vision of the bands early writing.