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TZUKE JUDIE - Sportscar / I Am The Phoenix (2 on 1)

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TZUKE JUDIE - Sportscar / I Am The Phoenix (2 on 1)Format: CD / Cat No: WRASS315 / Released: 25/11/2013

Track Listing: SPORTSCAR: Sportscar / Nightline / Chinatown / Understanding / The Choices Youíve made / The Rise Of heart / Livig On The Coast / Molly / Rain On The Hills / I AM THE PHOENIX: Blackfurs / Higher And Higher / Fateís Wheels / Come Hell Or Waterís High / You Were The Place / City Of Swimming Pool / You Are The Phoenix / The Flesh Is Weak / I Never Know Where My Heart Is

More information: Best known for her 1979 hit Stay With Me Till Dawn, Judie Tzuke is one of the UKís finest singers and songwriters. 1980ís SPORTSCAR and 1981ís I AM THE PHOENIX, both initially charted Top 10 and now reissued on this special double-package. These albums have long been unavailable.