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The long awaited second album from multi award-winning UK progressive rock band This Winter Machine.

Almost 2 years in the making, this new release has the band tackling universal themes such as time, loss and identity within a loose conceptual framework.

The band have really pushed forward in terms of musicianship, lyrical themes and production, consolidating their position as one of the scenes brightest new prospects.

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HUIS - Abandoned
Excellent 3rd album from Canadian Prog band including guitarist Michel St-Pere (MYSTERY) Format: CD / Cat No: UNCR5096 / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 11.99
SYLVAN NAD - The Regal Bastard (Limited CD Digipak)
With The Regal Bastard, Nad Sylvan concludes his impressive Vampirate trilogy. With many guests! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075955112 / Released: 05/07/2019
£ 10.99
PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS - Pattern-Seeking Animals (Limited Edition Digipak)
Debut from new band featuring Spock's Beard members Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan and Dave Meros! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075957512 / Released: 05/07/2019
£ 11.99
MORSE NEAL - Jesus Christ The Exorcist (2 CD)
A huge new release from Neal Morse with loads of guests! Format: CD / Cat No: FRCD955 / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 13.99
Debut album of original material from members of Genesis cover band ReGenesis Format: CD / Cat No: EANTCD1074 / Released: 28/06/2019
£ 10.99
WARMRAIN - Back Above The Clouds (2 CD)
Highly anticipated debut album following two EPs. For fans of Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson and Anathema Format: CD / Cat No: RAIN002CD / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 12.99
Long-awaited follow up to 2011’s Magician’s Chronicles Part 1 and a return to their symphonic roots Format: CD / Cat No: BEM / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 9.99
GANDALF'S FIST - The Clockwork Prologue (2 CD)
New release - an 'expansion pack' to their 2016 triple album "The Clockwork Fable"! Format: CD / Released: 01/07/2019
£ 10.99
TOMPKINS DANIEL - Castles (Digipak)
Solo album from innovative singer-songwriter known for his work with TesseracT and Skyharbor Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE635 / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 9.99
SOTO - Origami
Solo band release from Sons Of Apollo frontman Jeff Scott Soto. Limited digipak CD with bonus track. Format: CD / Cat No: 19075946042 / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 12.99
FINDLAY HEATHER - Wild White Horses
New album collaborating with Thunder’s Luke Morley plus many more guests! Format: CD / Cat No: CDBSAND6 / Released: 05/07/2019
£ 10.99
CUNNINGHAM ROSALIE - Rosalie Cunningham
Greatly anticipated new studio solo album from Rosalie Cunningham (ex-Purson) Format: CD / Cat No: EANTCD1075 / Released: 26/07/2019
£ 10.99


Band by Mark Trueack (Unitopia) & Steve Unruh (Resistor). Many guests including Steve Hackett Format: CD / Cat No: GEPCD1061 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 10.99
BIG BIG TRAIN - Grand Tour (Hard Cover digipak)
Brand new release from BBT - Hard cover digipak CD featuring a 52 page booklet Format: CD / Cat No: EERCD0024 / Released: 17/05/2019
£ 10.99
LONELY ROBOT - Under Stars (Limited CD Digipak)
Under Stars is the final part in the band's 'astronaut trilogy’. Limited edition with bonus tracks! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075938852 / Released: 26/04/2019
£ 11.99
PARSONS ALAN - The Secret (Deluxe CD+DVD)
Alan Parson's fifth solo album, and his first album in 14 years, following 2004's A Valid Path Format: CD / Cat No: FRCDVD943 / Released: 26/04/2019
£ 14.99
RPWL - Tales From Outer Space (CD Digipak)
After eight studio albums, one best-of album and six live albums, here's a brand new studio album! Format: CD / Cat No: GAOM061 / Released: 29/03/2019
£ 12.99
TIRITH (THE) - A Leap Into The Dark
New album from UK Prog band The Tirith Format: CD / Cat No: CVGT0002 / Released: 20/05/2019
£ 9.99
BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO - Transiberiana (Limited Mediabook CD)
First album of new songs from Italian Progressive legends Banco del Mutuo Soccorso since 1994! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075934372 / Released: 10/05/2019
£ 12.99
COSMOGRAF - Mind Over Depth (Digipak)
Cosmograf get heavier with the release of their seventh album. Guests include Colin Edwin (Bass) Format: CD / Cat No: COS09 / Released: 12/04/2019
£ 9.99
FAR MEADOW (THE) - Foreign Land
The band’s third album, is the follow up to 2016’s highly acclaimed 'Given the Impossible Format: CD / Cat No: BEM068 / Released: 08/04/2019
£ 9.99
Second album from Welsh prog rockers. Rob Reed (Magenta) guests on the track 'Masheena'. Format: CD / Released: 08/04/2019
£ 9.99
JORDSJO - Nattfiolen
Second album from Norwegian band following their critically acclaimed debut 'Jord' (2017) Format: CD / Cat No: KAR176CD / Released: 24/05/2019
£ 11.99
WETTON / DOWNES - Never In A Million Years (2019 Remastered Definitive Edition)
2019 Remastered Edition of live release from John Wetton & Geoff Downes Format: CD / Cat No: ICON4CD / Released: 17/06/2019
£ 11.99
WARMRAIN - Here Comes The Rain (CD EP)
Follow-up EP to their critically acclaimed EP 'Absent Friends'. Craig Blundell guests on drums. Format: CD / Cat No: RAIN001MCD / Released: 17/05/2019
£ 7.99
MUTE GODS (THE) - Atheists And Believers (Limited CD Digipak)
Third album, following Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth. Guests include Alex Lifeson (Rush)! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075930582 / Released: 29/03/2019
£ 12.99
PORT NOIR - The New Routine
Hard-hitting Swedish Alt-Rock from trio Port Noir Format: CD / Cat No: 19075944992 / Released: 10/05/2019
£ 10.99
Italian band release their new concept album ‘K’ - Single CD in gatefold sleeve (recycled card) Format: CD / Cat No: GEPCD1063 / Released: 12/04/2019
£ 9.99
IONA - Edge Of The World (2 CD)
Iona's first full-length live recording in 9 years! Format: CD / Cat No: OPENSKYCD17 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 12.99
MAGLEV - Alter Ego
New album with guests including Annie Haslam, Arjen Lucassen, and more! Format: CD / Cat No: BEM067 / Released: 08/04/2019
£ 9.99
WEEND'O - You Need To Know Yourself
Re-release of the French band's debut album from 2012 Format: CD / Cat No: SONICCD12 / Released: 12/04/2019
£ 9.99
RUDESS JORDAN - Wired For Madness
Dream Theater keyboardist solo album with many excellent guests! Format: CD / Cat No: 0819873018902 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 11.99
Fourth album melding intimate textures with cinematic arrangements creating a new sonic experience Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE643 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 10.99
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Night Raider (Remastered)
Newly remastered edition of the third album from the UK Dark Rock supergroup. Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE641 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 9.99
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - The Resurrectionists
Newly remastered edition of the second album from the UK Dark Rock supergroup. Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE640 / Released: 19/04/2019
£ 9.99
Debut solo album from Nosound member comprising a suite of eight thematically linked instrumentals Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE617 / Released: 12/04/2019
£ 9.99
T - Solipsystemology
7th album from German multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer Thomas Thielen Format: CD / Cat No: GEPCD1062 / Released: 05/04/2019
£ 9.99
TOWNSEND DEVIN - Empath (Standard CD Jewelcase)
Eighteenth studio album by Canadian metal musician - expected the unexpected! Format: CD / Cat No: 19075923702 / Released: 29/03/2019
£ 10.99
GONG - The Universe Also Collapses
The sound of Gong in 2019, vanguards of 21st-century psychedelia following Rejoice! I'm Dead! (2016) Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE634 / Released: 10/05/2019
£ 9.99

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