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SHADOW GALLERY - Digital Ghosts

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SHADOW GALLERY - Digital GhostsFormat: CD / Cat No: 505032 / Released: 26/10/2009

Track Listing: 1. With Honor (9:59) / 2. Venom (6:22) / 3. Pain (6:22) / 4. Gold Dust (6:45) / 5. Strong (6:50) / 6. Digital Ghost (9:37) / 7. Haunted (9:37)

More information: Band members Brendt Allman, Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, and new addition Brian Ashland have focused their powerful energies on creating a seamless blend of progressive, metal, and symphonic rock. A transcendent work of musical art, Digital Ghosts advances the boundaries of these genres into new directions.

In 1992, SHADOW GALLERY’s first album, Shadow Gallery was released in Europe and Japan. In 1995, their 2nd album, Carved in Stone was released to wide critical acclaim. The band followed that success with the 1998 release of Tyranny. By this time, there was no doubt that SHADOW GALLERY had established themselves as a major force in progressive metal. Rock critic Larry Daglieri of hailed Tyranny as a “masterpiece of prog metal.” In 2001, SHADOW GALLERY released their 4th album, Legacy, their last album on the Magna Carta label. In 2005, SHADOW GALLERY struck again on Inside Out Record label with Room V, which stunned the critics, prompting one reviewer to write “SHADOW GALLERY is for metal what Queen was for rock.” In 2007, SHADOW GALLERY released Prime Cuts, a compilation of featured songs from their Magna Carta catalogue.

Immediately after the release of Room V, SHADOW GALLERY began writing a new musical project for Inside Out records. But tragedy struck in October of 2008 with the death of lead singer Mike Baker. Deeply saddened by his passing, the band vowed to honor their fallen band mate, and the fans who loved him, by moving forward with their 6th studio album, Digital Ghosts. While recording with guest vocalists, the band discovered a comrade in singer Brian Ashland, their newest member.

In true SHADOW GALLERY tradition, Digital Ghosts features guest artists including vocalists Ralf Schepers from “Primal Fear”, Clay Barton of “Suspyre”, guitarist Srdjan Brankovic from “Expedition Delta” and “Alogia”, and keyboardist Vivien Lalu of “Shadrane”. Acclaimed drummer Joe Nevolo returns to guest on three tracks with the band.