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SEARS ANDY - Souvenir

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SEARS ANDY - SouvenirCollection of demos, work in progress and rearrangements of TN songs
Format: CD / Released: 04/04/2011

Track Listing: Satellite (original demo) / The Dragon Inside (remix) / Carapace (new recording) / Satellite (extended new recording) / This City (Revisited) / First New Day (live, from MMX) / The Craft (instrumental) / Bonus video: First New Day (live, from MMX) / Satellite (instrumental) / Interviews (Loreley, September 2010)

More information: To co-incide with his solo tour between March and June 2011, this is the release of Andy Sears' first solo songs. This is not a solo CD, more a collection of demos, works in progress and rearrangements of TN songs: a souvenir for tour-goers. There is also bonus video content, including unseen footage from Twelfth Night's concert in Loreley in September 2010.

The CD will be available at live dates, but we have secured copies for you!