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QUIDAM - The Fifth Season - Live In Concert [CD Digipak]

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QUIDAM - The Fifth Season - Live In Concert [CD Digipak]Format: CD / Cat No: MMPCDDG0395 / Released: 08/06/2009

Track Listing: Hands Off / Queen Of Moulin Rouge / Surrevival / Sanktuarium / Oldies But Goldies / The Fifth Season (including excerpts from Genesis' Los Endos) / Everything's Ended / Not So Close (including excerpts from Joe South's Hush)

More information: Quidam - definitely one of the most important bands in Polish progressive/art rock. The Fifth Season is their live album featuring a recording of the bandís marvelous performance at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice in 2005. The tracklist is a musical journey through the band's discography as they played their older, well known songs (like Sanktuarium, Credo or Jestes) as well as fragments of their new, at that time, album SurREvival. Itís a must have for all fans of progressive rock.

The band was founded in 1991 by Maciek Meller, Radek Scholl and Rafal Jermakow. Soon they were joined by Zbyszek Florek. They played under the name Deep River then and offered a mixture of hard rock and blues. The change of the musical direction was evident when the band was joined by the flautist Ewa Smarzyska. Both the style of their compositions and the sound began to change, evolving into a more refined form of rock. The songs, full of long instrumental parts and musical poetry, were now directed to more sensitive and demanding listeners: to those who love such moods as those once evoked by Camel, King Crimson (in their early phase), Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Renaissance. From the very beginning Quidam members set for themselves a very ambitious task: to reach the broadest audience possible with their difficult music and to win critical acclaim. Numerous awards at several music festivals in Poland and abroad, music polls and invitations to play with renowned artists are an irrefutable proof that their goals have been achieved. Their most recent album "Alone Together" was released in 2007.