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PERSEPHONE'S DREAM - Pyre of DreamsFormat: CD / Cat No: SPV452312 / Released: 01/01/2007

Track Listing: Threnody / Synesthesia / Nightfall / Cryptoendolith / Temple in Time I: Mist / Temple in Time II: Nimiane / Temple in Time III: Soliloquy of a King [King Arthur Mix] / Temple in Time IV: Camlann [King Arthur Mix] / Temple in Time V: Avalon / Android Dreams / Aphrodite / Alien Embassy / Soliloquy of a King [Lady in the Lake Mix] / Camlann [Lady in the Lake Mix]

More information: Pyre of Dreams is quite possibly the most accomplished album by Persephone's Dream yet. Chock full of varied instrumentation, a vast array of vocalists, and eclectic songwriting, it is easily their most diverse work. It still treads the same moody, atmosphere-laden prog music they're so well known for, but it also adds more varied elements, including bits of gothic darkness, electronica, and folky landscapes.

The vocal tracks are split between two amazing female vocalists, Colleen Gray and Heidi Engel. Each vocalist portrays the intended mood successful. (Sea Of Tranquility)