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HOGGWASH - The Last Horizon (with bonus tracks)

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HOGGWASH - The Last Horizon (with bonus tracks)Features Antony Kalugin of Karfagen
Format: CD / Cat No: CM07001 / Released: 07/10/2007

Track Listing: 1. Out of the darkness (15:30) / 2. Reflections of life (6:00) / 3. Under a rainbow sky (6:10) / 4. Road of many challenges (10:05) / 5. Like a miracle (9:02) / 6. Watching the sun go down (6:10) / 7. Another Friday night (9:15) / 8. The last horizon (4:28) / bonus tracks

More information: A throw back to the great days of the early 1970s with the style and techniques now available to the modern musician. In the capable hands of the talented Antony Kalugin of Karfagen fame and Will Mackie, Hoggwash is an exciting musical project which also includes other musician. The music is true to the great bands including Camel, Genesis, Pendragon, Focus, Saga, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep and a number of others!