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FRAMEPICTURES - Remember ItDebut CD inspired by Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Thom Yorke and Steven Wilson
Format: CD / Cat No: PRR770 / Released: 14/06/2010

Track Listing: 1. Memories Faded Away [8:57] / 2. Remember It [5:35] / 3. Call For Me [13:37] / 4. Don't Trust My Eyes [6:48] / 5. Why Nobody Cares [7:21] / 6. Shadows Black And Grey [9:49] / 7. My Will To Live [25:58]

More information: 'Remember It' is a seven song album that expresses musically the plunge into the deepness of the subconscious human mind. Through 78 minutes, FramePictures display this point of view through a series of complex arrangements and long 'virtuoso' guitar and keyboard solos mixed with the simplicity and straight forward songwriting, adding odd time signatures and tempo changes. 'Remember It' is more a re-interpretation of the progressive rock genre than a re-invention of it.

The debut album of the Portuguese band is influenced by musicians such as Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Thom Yorke and Steven Wilson. Varying from the most aggressive up-tempo guitar riffs to the intimate warmth of the grand piano, 'Remember It' is stretching from left to right of the rock repertoire, including the 25 minutes conceptual seven-part epic song 'My Will to Live'.