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FLICKER - How Much Are You Willing To Forget?

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FLICKER - How Much Are You Willing To Forget?Format: CD / Released: 01/01/2014

Track Listing: 1. Intro (01:45) / 2. Go (02:59) / 3. Out There (06:00) / 4. My Empty Head (06:43) / 5. Counting Time (07:31) / 6. Everywhere Face (04:37) / 7. Falling Down (05:50) / 8. Breathless (08:20) / 9. Is This Real Life (06:35)

More information: This is great British neo-progressive rock with a modern twist!

The band stands in the best tradition of classic English melodic progressive, channeling the early greats like Genesis, Pink Floyd and Marillion, and their debut album, How Much Are You Willing to Forget, is a lush, atmospheric, and sometimes haunting recording. There's a nod to the acoustic side of Porcupine Tree, and a combination of wistful synthesizers and ethereal vocal arrangements. You hear this within Counting Time and My Empty Head. The latter injects an equally haunting guitar line to make the arrangment even more delightful. It's also an example of how Flicker has borrowed pages from Genesis and Floyd. While most of How Much Are You Willing to Forget is smooth, melodic, and wistful, Flicker can get a bit heavier as in the latter half of Falling Down and the beginning of My Empty Head. There's a rather bombastic up turn at the end of Breatheless, but that's basically the extent of the band's flirting with heavier prog. The closing song, Is This Real Life, is stark contrast to these three songs consisting of sparse vocals and elusive piano over a quiet symphonic arrangement. This is a very good release!