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FACTORY OF DREAMS - Melotronical

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FACTORY OF DREAMS - MelotronicalFormat: CD / Cat No: PRR522 / Released: 27/06/2011

Track Listing: 1. Enter Nucleon / 2. Melotronical / 3. A Taste of Paradise / 4. Protonic Stream / 5. Into Oblivion / 6. Obsessical / 7. Back to Sleep / 8. Whispering Eyes / 9. Subatomic Tears / 10. Dimension Crusher / 11. Echoes from Earth / 12. Something Calling Me / 13. Reprogramming

More information: MELOTRONICAL is the 3rd Factory of Dreams album. A conceptual album revolving around the evolution of an electronic Molecule into a living breathing Entity. This entity, experiences several stages of life, goes through all emotions, love, hate, fear, happiness... The track list is arranged according to this evolution, and one can have a feel of each stage just by reading each song title, listening to the songs and lyrics. The finale starts with Dimension Crusher, when all hope is lost and a new Universe is idealized through Reprogramming. Jessica's voice reaches levels never before heard and this time, so the story demanded, Hugo also performs vocals on some tracks providing a more aggressive feel to support the storyline. MELOTRONICAL pushes and goes far beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre.