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DEEP PURPLE - Infinite (CD+DVD)Brand new studio album from one of the most influencial British rock bands of all time!
Format: CD / Cat No: 211849EMU / Released: 07/04/2017

Track Listing: CD: 1. Time For Bedlam / 2. Hip Boots / 3. All I’ve Got Is You / 4. One Night In Vegas / 5. Get Me Outta Here / 6. The Surprising / 7.Johnny’s Band / 8. On Top Of The World / 9. Birds Of Prey / 10. Roadhouse Blues / 11. Paradise Bar / DVD: Documentary movie called, “From Here To InFinite” - Duration: 97 Minutes; Screen Format: NTSC, 16:9 (1,78:1); Audio: PCM Stereo, DTS 5.1

More information: As a natural follow up to the worldwide success of "NOW What?!“, “inFinite” has once again been produced by Bob Ezrin who has formed with the five members of Deep Purple, an explosive songwriting team. “InFinite” is possibly the most “seventies” of all Deep Purple albums released since the 1984 reunion with “Perfect Strangers”. Ezrin and Deep Purple have managed to capture the purest Purple classic sound while staying well away from the temptation to be nostalgic or to “play themselves”. On the contrary the band shows the tranquillity to not care about delivering short songs or to limit the long solos and the moments of improvisation. Just as when the story started, in an ideal cycle that comes to completion. From “in Rock” to “in-finite”. Possibly destined to end, but still terribly good.

The end, the allusion of the band's forthcoming tour name, a theme recurring in the songs and surely something that the band will be asked about. If this is really the farewell album by Deep Purple, there could not be a better one, or are they once again making fun of everybody?

“Deep Purple's progressive album” - it's what a critic said after a recent private playback of the album. “We are an instrumental jazz band, with somebody occasionally singing on it,” was Ian Gillan's reply. If this is the case, guitars haven't been harder for a jazz band, “inFinite” in fact shows also a side of Steve Morse that not everybody was expecting, melodic, raw, close to the roots of the blues rock.

“InFinite” is heavy and delicate at the same time, with an inspired Ian Gillan who is totally free from the duty to sound as people expect, delivering a versatile and exciting vocal performance during the whole album.

The production and song-writing process has been captured on film on the movie documentary “From Here to inFinite” which is available as a bonus DVD. It's a treat for all fans to be able to enter the recording studio and witness producer Bob Ezrin interacting with the various personalities and talents in the band.