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BORG SYMPHONY - Ode To The Hero Tixe

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BORG SYMPHONY - Ode To The Hero TixeProject put together by Paul Whitehead (cover artist for Genesis, VdGG, etc)
Format: CD / Cat No: CYP-002 / Released: 01/01/2014

Track Listing: Tixe's Theme - Intro / Tixe's Theme - Main / The Battle of Shantanue / Into Battle - The March of the Borg / A Short Battle / A Thoughtful Moment / Tixe, We Know What You are Doing / Cyberwashing / Borg History Detectives / Tixe's Song / Tixe Remembers / Machine / The Hive

More information: Artist Paul Whitehead (Genesis, Van der Graff Generator, Le Orme, Clearlight, Shaun Guerin, Eclat, Submarine Silence, Cyrille Verdeaux, Alex Carpani) has spent his life creating unforgettable images for the cream of progressive rock bands. His lifelong interest in science fiction has led to the creation of his own musical group, the Borg Symphony. This group answers the question ?What kind of music would Cyborgs make and want to hear?? The Borg Symphony is music composed and performed by the Borg Collective of assimilated talent from around the world. This CD combines vocal narration, industrial noise, sampled electronics, grinding guitars and neoclassical musicians (flute, violin, bowed cymbal and Theremin) creating a mix of music and theater. In addition to music, this CD features a variety of short films, photographs and text, all playable on a computer, that illuminate the essence of the Borg, a race of beings both machine and humanoid. Prepare to be assimilated!