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ABWH - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (2 CD)

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ABWH - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (2 CD)Remastered deluxe edition of the debut album with a bonus CD!
Format: CD / Cat No: HST004CD / Released: 18/04/2011

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Themes - (i)Sound (ii) Second Attention (iii) Soul Warrior / 2. Fist of Fire / 3. Brother of Mine (i) The Big Dream (ii) Nothing Can Come Between Us (iii) Long Lost Brother of Mine / 4. Birthright / 5. The Meeting / 6. Quartet (i) I Wanna Learn (ii) She Gives Me Love (iii) Who Was The First (iv) I'm Alive / 7. Teakbois / 8. Order of the Universe (i) Order Theme (ii) Rock Gives Courage (iii) It's So Hard To Grow (iv) The Universe / 9. Let's Pretend / CD 2: 1. Brother of Mine (edit) / 2. Brother of Mine (radio edit) / 3. Vultures in the City / 4. Order of the Universe (edit) / 5. Order of the Universe (long edit) / 6. Quartet (I'm Alive) (Single edit) / 7. Brother of Mine (live) / 8. And You And I (live) / 9. Order of the Universe (live) / 10. Rick Wakeman Intro's

More information: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe as the name suggests is a collection of musicians who were important enough to warrant their name over the shop front. In this instance all four musicians were members of the classic line up of British rock band Yes. The idea for the band came about when vocalist Jon Anderson left Yes and brought the former members together. The band decamped to Montserrat and recorded what would be their debut self titled album which was released in 1989 just before embarking on a world tour where the band would perform the album and also classics from the Yes catalogue. The album performed well in the charts at the time of release and has become a favourite amongst the massive Yes fan base.